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Saturday, February 19, 2011

`Amazing Race' 18 goes high and wide

The Amazing Race has some unfinished business to take care of, judging from the latest edition's title - The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. In a clever twist on the old, tired all-star format, more
Vancouver Sun ( 2/19/2011 2:06:09 AM -08:00 )

TV Review: "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business"
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - As CBS' "Amazing Race" heads into its 18th season - this time returning teams from previous seasons back for some "Unfinished Business" - reasons for the show's enduring popularity are on full more
Los Angeles Times ( 2/19/2011 12:39:35 AM -08:00 )

Phil Keoghan Talks The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' "Sneaky" Teams
Phil Keoghan Talks The Amazing Race: Unfinished BusinessIt's a good thing The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business contestants don't have to compete against their host, Phil Keoghan. Even though they've all raced before, he would surely beat them all and win the million-dollar prize himself. Why? more
E! Online (blog) ( 2/18/2011 11:50:42 AM -08:00 )

"Amazing Race" to settle "unfinished business"
"Amazing Race" to settle "unfinished business"Chris Wragge talks to Phil Keoghan, host and producer of the Emmy winning CBS reality show, "The Amazing Race" about some "unfinished business" to be settled in the new season. Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, on The Early Show. more
CBS News ( 2/18/2011 7:09:20 AM -08:00 )

'Amazing Race' in Switzerland, India in high-def
AP "The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan is glad he'll never be asked this question ever again: Why isn't the race broadcast in high definition? After years of sticking to standard definition, CBS' around-the-world competition expands more
eTaiwan News ( 2/17/2011 6:22:42 PM -08:00 )

Sunday TV: Daytona 500, Amazing Race Unfinished Business, Backstage at SNL
Sunday TV: Daytona 500, Amazing Race Unfinished Business, Backstage at SNLRAAAAACE! Today starts off with the Daytona 500. The Amazing Race returns for an 18th edition in HD. Then you can see all the running around backstage at Saturday Night Live. Here is what's on TV Sunday night. First up, today is the 53rd Annual Daytona more ( 2/19/2011 10:48:35 PM -08:00 )

`Amazing Race' 18 goes high and wide
Monty Brinton/CBS Phil Keoghan returns as host for the 18th edition of "The Amazing Race," subtitled "Unfinished Business." More info • Phil Keoghan's movie "The Ride," about his cross-country bike trek, is available for streaming or download on iTunes more
St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( 2/19/2011 10:11:51 PM -08:00 )

11 teams return for new season of 'Amazing Race'
Each of the 11 teams that returns for "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" lost the first time around, although some came close to the $1 million prize. Here's a refresher on who they are and what mistakes they'd like to rectify. more
St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( 2/19/2011 10:08:28 PM -08:00 )

Which 'Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' Team Has the Best Shot at Redemption?
The best part about competitive reality shows is that only one person or team can win. And we're all happy for those winners of money or "love" or a quickie relationship with Flava Flav (woohoo? more
PopEater ( 2/19/2011 9:26:57 PM -08:00 )

TV Diva: "Amazing Race" gives fan favorites 2nd chance
Finally, "The Amazing Race" is getting the high-definition treatment it has long deserved. For years, the show has racked up Emmys for airing beautiful footage of African countrysides and hectic streets of Japanese cities. But as host Phil Keoghan told more ( 2/19/2011 9:05:38 PM -08:00 )

The top-5 concert tours, ranked by average box-office-gross per city. Includes
The top-5 concert tours, ranked by average box-office-gross per city. Includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by more
Youngstown Vindicator ( 2/19/2011 9:02:06 PM -08:00 )

Amazing Race 18 Meet the 11 teams that were invited back for Unfinished Business
The Amazing Race Season 18: Unfinished Business premieres this Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. In Jacksonville that will be channel WTEV 47. This season of The Amazing Race will be more like an all-star season. The cast of 11 teams is made up of past more ( 2/19/2011 2:05:20 PM -08:00 )

'The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business': new video for 'All-Star' season
It's only two days until we have the long-awaited debut of "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business," and we are already getting more than a little bit excited to see some of our old favorites in action. In a new preview video from the CBS show, more ( 2/19/2011 1:58:26 PM -08:00 )

Keoghan: 'Amazing Race all-stars more savvy'
Phil Keoghan has said that the returning teams on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business are "more savvy" this time around. The host told CBS's The Early Show that the 11 teams getting a second shot at the $1 million prize more
Digital Spy ( 2/19/2011 6:16:29 AM -08:00 )

The Amazing Race has 'Unifinished Business'
KENT AND VYXSIN Relationship: dating Kent Kaliber * Age: 35 * Hometown: Louisville, KY, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA * Current occupation: Print and Runway Model Kent's most memorable event from the last race was arriving in more
Times and Transcript ( 2/19/2011 2:02:42 AM -08:00 )

"The Amazing Race" Starts in the Valley
The 18th edition of "The Amazing Race" kicks off Sunday with some old favorites, 11 of the past losing teams have been invited back for a chance to settle some unfinished business. "Amazing Race" has traveled all around the world, but this season they more
KPSP Local 2 ( 2/18/2011 6:40:08 PM -08:00 )

Lynchburg man returns for new installment of CBS's "The Amazing Race"
Lynchburg man returns for new installment of CBSMel White and his son Mike are one of 11 teams competing on the new season of Amazing Race. A Lynchburg man has some "unfinished business" on a CBS reality show. Mel White and his son Mike are one of 11 teams competing on the new season of Amazing Race more ( 2/18/2011 3:16:42 PM -08:00 )

On your marks, get set, it's 'The Amazing Race'!
On your marks, get set, itOK. It's that time, fellow Racing enthusiasts. Time for the most famous words in reality TV, spoken by the host with the most: "GO!" "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" premieres Sunday on CBS at 7 pm and more
The Birmingham News - (blog) ( 2/18/2011 11:42:08 AM -08:00 )

Can losing contestants win 'The Amazing Race' an eighth Emmy?
Last year, the seven-year winning streak of "The Amazing Race" at the Emmy Awards was halted when "Top Chef" won Best Reality Competition Series. That this CBS staple lost was a surprise in itself but that it was not beaten by ratings more
GoldDerby ( 2/18/2011 11:21:08 AM -08:00 )

The Amazing Race Season Premiere Preview
The Amazing Race Season Premiere PreviewTeams on CBS' The Amazing Race return to the starting line Sunday night for a chance to deal with unfinished business. The Season 18 edition of the Emmy award winning reality show will feature eleven popular teams from previous seasons racing for the more ( 2/18/2011 10:51:30 AM -08:00 )