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Saturday, October 1, 2011

'The Legend of Rin Tin Tin' tells how one dog entralled a nation

In nonfiction books such as "The Orchid Thief," which was made into the twisty movie "Adaptation," author Susan Orlean gives full treatment to subjects hidden from public view. True, Rin Tin Tin's fame spanned eras from silent more
New York Daily News ( 10/2/2011 12:39:35 AM -08:00 )

'The Legend of Rin Tin Tin' tells how one dog entralled a nation
"Land of the Silver Fox" (1928) was Rin Tin Tin's first "barking talkie" for the big screen. Surely “something achieved, grown, found, built, loved, or even lost” lives on, doesn't it? This is the question Susan Orlean asks as she more
Kansas City Star ( 10/1/2011 9:05:51 PM -08:00 )

Wonder dog
Wonder dogThe story of Rin Tin Tin, perhaps Hollywood's most famous animal, begins when a young soldier finds a litter of puppies on the edge of a French battlefield during World War I. Their mother has them crowded into a corner of a more ( 10/1/2011 8:00:20 PM -08:00 )

Sit! Stay! Rrrread this bio!
By Susan Orlean This moving biography of a dog's life is no Marley & Me. American journalist Susan Orlean's take on the famous TV canine has more in common with a gossipy Kitty Kelley tell-all than a sappy Hollywood dog movie. more
Winnipeg Free Press ( 10/1/2011 12:16:54 AM -08:00 )

The Dog Star
The Dog StarThis is what the legend says: On Sept. 15, 1918, while strolling around an abandoned German encampment in France, Lee Duncan, a gunnery sergeant in the 135th Aero Squadron, found a kennel littered with dead dogs. more
Wall Street Journal ( 9/30/2011 1:44:55 PM -08:00 )

Book review: 'Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend'
Book review: They called him the Dog Wonder, the Mastermind Dog, America's Greatest Movie Dog. He was listed in the Los Angeles phone book, made more money than his human costars and actually came unnervingly close to more
Los Angeles Times ( 9/29/2011 3:54:21 PM -08:00 )

'Rin Tin Tin': How dog became Hollywood icon
Lee Duncan's great unrealized ambition was a movie based on his unlikely life with his canine pal Rin Tin Tin. He had to settle instead for the financial rewards that came from creating a cultural more
Chicago Sun-Times ( 9/29/2011 3:01:18 PM -08:00 )

Purchase Featured Books
Susan Orlean chronicles the rise of the iconic German shepherd character while sharing the stories of the real WWI dog and canine performer, and exploring Rin Tin Tin's relevance in the military and popular culture. September 29, 2011 Susan Orlean more
NPR ( 9/29/2011 6:36:39 AM -08:00 )

'Rin Tin Tin': The Dog Who Never Died
by Susan Orlean Here's the short version: America's most famous dog was an immigrant, born 93 years ago in France, and discovered when he was just days old by an American GI fighting in World War I. He was named after a doll some more
NPR ( 9/29/2011 6:31:25 AM -08:00 )

'Rin Tin Tin': It's about time this dog gets another day
AP The story of Rin Tin Tin, the noble German shepherd of film and TV, is actually a stirring immigrant's tale: rescued during World War I in France, raised in hard times in California, and then discovered in more
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ( 10/1/2011 8:05:32 PM -08:00 )

From war orphan to Hollywood icon
From war orphan to Hollywood iconHe was born on a French battlefield during World War I. His immigration to Hollywood led to principal roles in nearly two dozen blockbuster silent films. He founded an entertainment dynasty, and his descendants went on to star in talkies, more
89.3 KPCC ( 10/1/2011 3:24:54 PM -08:00 )

'Rin Tin Tin' puts Susan Orlean through her paces
By Plain Dealer guest writer I can still picture little Rusty, an orphan living on a US Cavalry post in Arizona, standing at attention with Rin Tin Tin, his remarkable German shepherd. Every week, starting in 1954, I watched "The Adventures of Rin Tin more
Plain Dealer (blog) ( 10/1/2011 2:02:52 AM -08:00 )

Book Review: Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend
Many can leash the name Rin Tin Tin to a blurry image from the past: a black and tan German shepherd saving the day. But the real story is a crisp, riveting tale. New Yorker staff writer and Columbia County resident more
Chronogram ( 9/30/2011 8:32:41 PM -08:00 )

Orlean tells story of dog superstar in 'Rin Tin Tin'
In this book cover image released by Simon and Schuster, "Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend," by Susan Orlean, is shown. (AP Photo/Simone and Schuster) When you see the cover of Susan Orlean's "Rin Tin Tin," you may well ask yourself, "What? more ( 9/30/2011 7:38:26 PM -08:00 )

Must Love Dogs
New Yorker writer Susan Orlean's new book is the story of heroic canine actor Rin Tin Tin—and the people who spent their lives grooming his legacy. She tells Adam Auriemma how she fell for a German Shepherd. Susan Orlean never sets out to be the quirky more
Daily Beast ( 9/30/2011 7:27:29 PM -08:00 )

Celebrate Rin Tin Tin at the Music Box Oct. 8
Celebrate Rin Tin Tin at the Music Box Oct. 8Screw Lassie, Rin Tin Tin could rescue children 10 times classier than her. The Orchid Thief author Susan Orlean agrees and has penned the biography Rin Tin TIn: The Life And The Legend. more
A.V. Club Chicago ( 9/30/2011 9:10:25 AM -08:00 )

St. Louis Film Festival 2011: 'Shame,' 'Butter,' Rin Tin Tin, Sigmund Freud
In between, the 20 th annual St. Louis International Film Festival, Nov. 10-20 at locations on both sides of the river, will feature a double dose of Michael Fassbender, five films from Japan, the two-headed monster of mumblecore, a comedy about more ( 9/30/2011 4:42:59 AM -08:00 )

Life of canine star Rin Tin Tin an engrossing tale
AP Lee Duncan's great unrealized ambition was a movie based on his unlikely life with his canine pal Rin Tin Tin. He had to settle instead for the financial rewards that came from creating a cultural phenomenon. The ups and downs of Duncan's life more
Washington Examiner ( 9/28/2011 4:10:24 PM -08:00 )

Matter-of-fact approach breeds fascination, respect for Rin Tin Tin and his legacy
Matter-of-fact approach breeds fascination, respect for Rin Tin Tin and his legacyBy Robert Philpot When Susan Orlean was a little girl, her grandfather, who loved toys but wasn't comfortable around children, had a Rin Tin Tin figurine. Although he'd let Orlean and her siblings play with some of his toys, more
Fort Worth Star Telegram ( 9/28/2011 2:20:38 PM -08:00 )

Film Datebook: September 28, 2011 Bay Area Film Calendar of Events
October 1 Film in the Fog— San Francisco Film Society presents a FREE outdoor screening of "Dark Passages" on the lawn of the Main Post Theatre, 99 Moraga Avenue, San Francisco, CA. October 9 An Evening with Susan Orlean and Rin Tin Tin— SF Film more ( 9/28/2011 10:22:42 AM -08:00 )

Jason O'Mara lured back to TV by Fox's sci-fi 'Terra Nova'

When “Life on Mars” ended in 2009 after only one season, Jason O'Mara was ready for some time away from the TV business. “I was a little disillusioned at the end,” O'Mara told the Herald recently in Beverly Hills. more
Boston Herald ( 10/1/2011 8:01:58 PM -08:00 )

Peek behind the making of 'Terra Nova' dinosaurs
Peek behind the making of Los Angeles: Everybody knows what dinosaurs look and sound like. After all, who hasn't seen the 'Jurassic Park' movies. So what if your boss is Steven Spielberg -- the guy who created that movie and is chiefly responsible for those dinosaurs? more ( 10/1/2011 5:58:32 AM -08:00 )

It's about time
THERE were several moments in the tortured development of Terra Nova - Ten's epic US drama - that shaped just what sort of show it would become. The question the team developing the program wrestled with was whether Terra Nova should be a more
Sydney Morning Herald ( 9/30/2011 11:24:36 PM -08:00 )

A look behind the making of "Terra Nova" dinosaurs
A look behind the making of "Terra Nova" dinosaurs(From L to R) Actress Shelley Conn and Irish actor Jason O'Mara, stars of the new series ''Terra Nova'' along with Brannon Braga, executive producer and writer, Rene Echevarria, writer and executive producer and Jon Cassar, director and executive more
Reuters UK ( 9/30/2011 6:00:31 PM -08:00 )

Terra Nova: nine things you need to know
Terra Nova: nine things you need to knowNew Steven Spielberg TV dino romp cost as much as $50m to bring to our screens. Will it be money well spent? Sci-fi is a notoriously tricky beast to get right. Sometimes you get a Battlestar Galactica, but more often you get a V or Bionic Woman; more
The Guardian ( 9/30/2011 3:06:23 PM -08:00 )

Another monster smash? Steven Spielberg hopes so – his latest dinosaur epic
Another monster smash? Steven Spielberg hopes so – his latest dinosaur epicThe year is 2149 and the over-developed, polluted Earth is dying. Most of the animal and plant life is extinct, meaning humans are also on the brink of dying out. Only one hope for survival remains: entering a portal that enables families more
Daily Mail ( 9/30/2011 2:57:40 PM -08:00 )

Terra Nova, Sunday, October 2
Terra Nova, Sunday, October 2In the mid-22nd century, the world as we know it is no more, thanks to the pillaging of the planet by the human race. Former cop Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) and his doctor wife, Elisabeth (Shelley Conn), have broken the population-control law by having more
Sydney Morning Herald ( 9/29/2011 9:27:41 PM -08:00 )

TERRA NOVA - "What Remains" Promo Images
TERRA NOVA - "What Remains" Promo ImagesFOX's debuted Terra Nova last week, taking us back to the past, but today Boomtron is offering you a glimpse of the future of dino-heaven. Earlier in the week we brought you a sneak peek gallery and teaser to next week's episode episode titled more ( 10/1/2011 11:08:55 AM -08:00 )

New 'Terra Nova' 1.03 'Instinct' preview and behind the scenes photos
Terra Nova has finally arrived on Channel 10 in Tempe, and the fans are being given a glimpse of the next all-new episode set to air on Monday night. On Friday, TV Edge shared these behind the scenes photos from Terra Nova episode 1.03 titled Instinct, more ( 10/1/2011 8:52:50 AM -08:00 )

Channel Guide: 'Terra Nova' Surprises But Stumbles
Channel Guide: This past summer I was surprisingly blown away by the Steven Spielberg produced alien-invasion drama Falling Skies. Part of the surprise came from the fact that my anticipation for the series was extremely low. All I had known prior to watching the more
Film School Rejects ( 10/1/2011 8:11:44 AM -08:00 )

Aussie landscape shines in TV epic
The Shannon Family. LR: Jason O'Mara as Jim Shannon, Landon Liboiron as Josh Shannon, Naomi Scott as Maddy Shannon, Alana Mansour as Zoe Shannon and Shelley Conn as Elizabeth Shannon. THE heavy rains that caused this summer's widespread floods were more
Coolum & North Shore News ( 9/30/2011 9:01:12 PM -08:00 )

Dinosaurs Are Going To Eat Someone - Terra Nova Review
Terra Nova is the new sci-fi show that premiered on Fox. It premiered on September 26, 2011 with a two-hour episode called “Genesis Part 1 & 2″. The show is executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Firstly, I have to say, this show has so much potential more
BSCkids ( 9/30/2011 4:13:50 PM -08:00 )

'Terra Nova' star has brush with local creature
by TheAge on Oct 01 2011, 06:00AM Jason O'Mara is used to dodging, fighting and even being chomped by dinosaurs on the Queensland set of his new big budget, Steven Spielberg-produced science-fiction drama TV series, Terra Nova, but one encounter with a more
The Vine ( 9/30/2011 12:11:32 PM -08:00 )

Pixomondo Relies on LightWave to Bring Dinosaurs to Life in "Terra Nova"
DMN Newswire--2011-9-30--The two-hour premiere of Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated "Terra Nova" television series, which aired Monday September 26, 2011 on Fox Television, brings visually astounding science-fiction to prime time television once more
Broadcast Newsroom ( 9/30/2011 11:47:26 AM -08:00 )

Terra Nova Series Premiere Recap
Much hype has been built around FOX's new dinosaur drama Terra Nova, but does this week's premiere, entitled “Genesis” live up to it? Short answer: no. Geeks were practically frothing at the mouth when the series was first more
CultureMob (blog) ( 9/30/2011 8:01:46 AM -08:00 )

Terra Nova – Episode 1 – 1/2 – Review – “Genesis”
by The TV Obsessed - September 30, 2011 | Email the author The hype and delay for Terra Nova was so great that anything short of spectacular would fall short. And indeed, it's falls short in all aspects–plot, characters, ratings, even CGI at times. more
Inside Pulse ( 9/30/2011 4:22:44 AM -08:00 )

After a special Sunday, the new TV season falls flat
After a special Sunday, the new TV season falls flatIt's a major event in TV history by any reckoning. And it's going to be happening on a Sunday full of lesser but still significant TV events. After 33 years of nicely representing writerly eccentricity (and creativity) at the end of “60 more
Buffalo News ( 9/30/2011 4:04:58 AM -08:00 )

Science Friction: The ups and downs of Terra Nova
Filmed on the Gold Coast, Steven Spielberg's latest TV offering, Terra Nova is the most expensive show ever made. It goes to air in Australia this weekend. Between floods, inflation and fired staff, the production has had as many dramas off screen as more
encore ( 9/29/2011 8:54:32 PM -08:00 )