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Monday, April 30, 2012

Gossip Girl Redux: Chuck and Blair Reunite and [Spoiler] Returns!

Gossip Girl Redux: Chuck and Blair Reunite and [Spoiler] Returns!Just when you think Chuck's (Ed Westwick) family drama couldn't get any more complicated. Gossip Girl finally played a card they were holding close to the vest for a very, very long time: what really happened to Bart Bass (Robert John Burke), more
E! Online ( 4/30/2012 8:46:37 PM -08:00 )

'Gossip Girl,' 'Raiders of the Lost Art,' Season 5, Episode 22: TV Recap
By Dawn Fallik Is Diana really Chuck's mom? Is Jack Bass really Chuck's dad? We're rumbling to a conclusion on tonight's Gossip Girl. Serena is still being Gossip Girl. Nate is still sleeping with Chuck's mom and stole her dayplanner. Diana is mad. more
Wall Street Journal (blog) ( 4/30/2012 5:06:47 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Preview: Blair Helps Chuck After The Big Bombshell
The big scheme to find out the truth about Chuck's (Ed Westwick) father on Gossip Girl revealed a familiar face behind a door that Chuck believed to be impossible and is likely to have devastating results. Though Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester) fans more
TVOvermind ( 5/1/2012 1:31:32 AM -08:00 )

Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 The Ghost of Harrenhal Full Episode 5 Online
Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 The Ghost of Harrenhal Full Episode 5 OnlineBy korichan Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 The Ghost of Harrenhal Full Episode 5 Online Free Live Streaming The Ghost of Harrenhal Full Episode Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of more
Roseville Press Tribune ( 5/1/2012 1:30:35 AM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Spoilers: s5 ep23 – The Fugitives – Promo, teaser, pictures
In the newest episode of Gossip Girl, Chuck uses his powers to prove that he is still very much a threat to Blair and Dan's relationship! Proving, yet again, that his charm is no match for Blair's strength, Chuck (Ed Westwick) convinces ex Blair more
Unreality TV ( 5/1/2012 1:21:19 AM -08:00 )

'Gossip Girl' 5.23 Preview: Blair Accepts Chuck's Invite
Ex-lovers Blair and Chuck spend time together while her current boyfriend Dan asks her to spend the summer with him in Italy. In the next episode of "Gossip Girl", Chuck may once again prove that he is a threat to Blair and Dan's relationship. more
AceShowbiz ( 4/30/2012 11:16:19 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Reveals Big Plot Twist This Season – Blair & Chuck to Reunite?
“Gossip Girl” is wrapping up its fifth season and there's a major game changing reveal that revolves around unlocking the secret in Diana Payne's little black book! CW series' third to last episode “Raiders Of the Lost Art” is rumored to unite Nate, more
PopStop TV (blog) ( 4/30/2012 11:04:13 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl “Raiders of the Lost Art” Review
Gossip Girl “Raiders of the Lost Art” ReviewBefore I get into this review of “Raiders of the Lost Art,” this week's episode of Gossip Girl, I'd like to make something clear. Yes, I do think Chuck and Blair make far more sense as a pairing than Dan and Blair, but, no, I am not a rabid Chair fan. more
TV Equals ( 4/30/2012 10:47:27 PM -08:00 )

CW Released New 'Gossip Girl' Episode 23,Season 5 Spoilers & Clips
CW Released New CW released new 'Gossip Girl' episode 23,season 5 spoilers & clips. Earlier tonight,CW revealed the new spoilers and sneak peek,clip (below) for their upcoming “Gossip Girl” episode 23,and it looks pretty interesting as Chuck teams up with Lola and Ivy more
Hollywood Hills ( 4/30/2012 8:26:34 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Recap for Season 5, Episode 22, “Raider of the Lost Art”: Blair
Serena (Blake Lively) is laying in her bed doing her best Thought Catalog writer impression while Dorota brings her breakfast. “All you do all day is type, type, type. It not healthy.” Welcome to the future of American children, Dorota. more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 7:18:15 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Promo for Season 5, Episode 23: “The Fugitives” — Our Frame-by
Apparently, Dan (Penn Badgley) is taking further measures to make sure Chuck (Ed Westwick) is not a threat to his relationship with Blair (Leighton Meester). Does his offer for B to join him in Rome mean that he's going to reconsider taking that more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 7:10:46 PM -08:00 )

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Whoa Daddy!
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone schemes and counter-schemes and double-back reverse schemes until they all end up at a haunted house orgy. Seriously. And that last sentence was only the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg being that the great mystery more
BuddyTV ( 4/30/2012 7:09:09 PM -08:00 )

Top 10 Quotes From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 22: “Raiders of the Lost Art”
Sex club girl (to Blair): You look like the type that likes a royal theme. Jack (to Chuck): Why do you have to be so melodramatic about everything? Want more Gossip Girl goodness? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! You know you love us. more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 6:38:07 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Live Recap 4/30/2012 | Raiders of the Lost Art
This week on Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 22 – Raiders of the Lost Art, questions would be answered. Is Diana really Chuck's mother? Is Jack Bass his dad? Keep it on Nerdles for the live recap of the episode tonight. Serena is still Gossip Girl. more
Nerdles ( 4/30/2012 6:21:22 PM -08:00 )

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Chuck's Shocking Surprise, Plus 4 More 'OMG' Moments
This is the episode we've all been waiting for! Finally Chuck and Blair team up for a good ol' scheme, the truth about Chuck's father is REVEALED and the real Gossip Girl is back! Excuse me while I take a moment and wipe away my tears of JOY. more
Hollywood Life ( 4/30/2012 6:03:58 PM -08:00 )

'Gossip Girl' season 5, episode 23 'The Fugitives' preview and photos
A preview and synopsis have been released for Gossip Girl season 5, episode 23, “The Fugitives.” Spoiler alert, stop reading now if you don't want to know what's coming up next week on Gossip Girl. It seems like Gossip Girl is revisiting the more ( 4/30/2012 5:47:10 PM -08:00 )

What Did Blair See at the Sex Party in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 22
When Blair burst into one of the rooms at Diana and Jack's sex party in Season 5, Episode 22, “Raiders of the Lost Art,” her face said it all — unfortunately, what she saw wasn't explicitly revealed at that moment, leaving Gossip Girl fans breathless more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 5:46:53 PM -08:00 )

Love vs. Career: Did Dan Make the Right Choice in Gossip Girl Season 5
The one thing that has remained consistent for one Dan Humphrey throughout the Gossip Girl series is his desire to be a successful writer. But now it seems that being Blair Waldorf's boyfriend has moved rapidly to the top of his priorities list. more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 5:46:53 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Music: Songs Played During Season 5, Episode 22, “Raiders of the
Gossip Girl got suddenly great again in Season 5, Episode 22, “Raider of the Lost Art.” The original gangsta Blair Waldorf is back in her saddle again, and her two main dudes are more in love with her than ever — so much so Dan Humphrey takes the more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 5:24:29 PM -08:00 )

Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale Spoiler: Which Indie Rocker Will Guest Star?
Leighton Meester hangs with her new band buds Cobra Starship at Nylon Magazine's party for the rockers. Just when you thought there were more than enough men to choose from on Gossip Girl, E! has new scoop about a tall, dark mystery man making his way more
Wetpaint ( 4/30/2012 2:27:15 PM -08:00 )