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Monday, May 14, 2012

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Transparency

The penultimate episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" (Sun., 9 pm. ET on NBC) offered up perhaps the most shocking elimination yet. For much of the season, Aubrey O'Day has been a major player, but she's also been very abrasive and opinionated. more
Huffington Post ( 5/13/2012 11:59:36 PM -08:00 )

Celebrity Apprentice 2012: Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall move on to the final as
Celebrity Apprentice 2012: Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall move on to the final asBy Leah Simpson Last week's Celebrity Apprentice ended on a cliffhanger with either Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall or Aubrey O'Day facing the chop. And with only one episode remaining until audiences find out who will be crowned the winner of the current more
Daily Mail ( 5/13/2012 11:14:08 PM -08:00 )

'The Celebrity Apprentice' recap: That Magic Moment
By Dalton Ross | Published May 14, 2012 Donald Trump is no fool, ladies and gentlemen. Sure, he thought the USFL could compete with the NFL. Yes, he had some rocky financial times in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And I have no idea what the hell is more
Entertainment Weekly ( 5/13/2012 10:01:27 PM -08:00 )

Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Will Clay Aiken or Arsenio Hall Crack Under Pressure?
Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Will Clay Aiken or Arsenio Hall Crack Under Pressure?Aubrey O'Day gave it her best all season long on Celebrity Apprentice, but that wasn't enough. During Sunday night's episode, Donald Trump called the singer "transparent," firing her and leaving Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken to battle it out. more
E! Online ( 5/13/2012 8:23:45 PM -08:00 )

'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Arsenio Hall vs. Clay Aiken (vs. lots of egos)
By Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger NBCClay Aiken juggles celebrity egos, most notably Debbie Gibson's, when ejected contestants return to help the finalists in the last task. Nice guys finish first -- and second. more
The Star-Ledger - ( 5/13/2012 7:25:40 PM -08:00 )

Clay Aiken defends gay marriage on 'Face the Nation,' looks like a polished
Clay Aiken defends gay marriage on by Adam B. Vary No, it wasn'ta task for The Celebrity Apprentice (wrong network, for starters). Former American Idol runner-up and current Celeb Apprentice contestant Clay Aiken appeared this morning on CBS' Face the Nation on a panel about gay more
Entertainment Weekly ( 5/13/2012 5:22:01 PM -08:00 )

'Celebrity Apprentice': Aubrey O'Day fired in boardroom shocker
By Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger NBCDonald Trump fired Aubrey O'Day in the opening minutes of tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice." Donald Trump dispatched egocentric bombshell Aubrey O'Day in the first few minutes of the penultimate "Celebrity Apprentice," more
The Star-Ledger - ( 5/13/2012 5:12:46 PM -08:00 )

'Celebrity Apprentice': And the fired celebrity is…
by Dalton Ross Last week, Celebrity Apprentice left us with a good ol' fashioned cliffhanger. Either Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall, or Aubrey O'Day was about to be fired — leaving the other two to compete for the Celebrity Apprentice crown. Who was fired? more
Entertainment Weekly ( 5/13/2012 5:09:20 PM -08:00 )

Apprentice gets a little help
The handful of viewers who've followed this season's Celebrity Apprentice from the beginning know that tonight's show is the final act before the grand finale. One of the remaining celebrity contestants is sent packing at the end of the first hour. more
Vancouver Sun ( 5/12/2012 1:52:06 AM -08:00 )

Clay Aiken Heads to CELEBRITY APPRENTICE Finale
'Monty Python's Spamalot' star Clay Aiken and comedian Arsenio Hall have been chosen by Donald Trump as the two remaining finalists on NBC's THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. On the May 20th live season finale airing from New York City, the two finalists will more
Broadway World ( 5/14/2012 5:01:13 AM -08:00 )

Aubrey O'Day axed from 'Apprentice,' leaving Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall
Aubrey O'Day has become the latest star eliminated from the business-themed competition series "The Celebrity Apprentice" in New York. Comedian Arsenio Hall and recording artist Clay Aiken are the last two contestants and will compete in next week's more
Reality TV World ( 5/14/2012 4:59:42 AM -08:00 )

Clay Aiken, Ted Olson Defend Gay Rights On 'Face The Nation'
Clay Aiken, Ted Olson Defend Gay Rights On By On Top Magazine Staff Singer Clay Aiken and lawyer Ted Olson on Sunday joined a Face the Nation panel on gay marriage. Aiken, Olson, Newsweek contributor Mark McKinnon, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Freedom to Marry CEO Evan Wolfson and more
On Top Magazine ( 5/14/2012 4:46:08 AM -08:00 )

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Down To The Final Two
Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Down To The Final TwoLast night's firing of Aubrey O'Day was the best timed ever on 'Celebrity Apprentice.' The woman is TV gold, as she happily told everyone. So an episode without her had become unthinkable. But then we didn't even have to think about it: she was fired, more
Celebrity News and Style ( 5/14/2012 4:36:54 AM -08:00 )

Aubrey O'Day Gets Fired on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Aubrey OBy Vicki Salemi Things are really heating up on The Celebrity Apprentice as the show is down to two final contestants! Last night, Donald Trump gave the firing chop to Aubrey O'Day but also pointed out "there are no losers." At the start of the show, more
OK! Magazine ( 5/14/2012 4:30:40 AM -08:00 )

Clay Aiken Defends Gay Marriage on 'Face the Nation'
Celebrity Apprentice contestant Clay Aiken was not under Donald Trump's orders when he appeared on the Face the Nation over the weekend to defend gay marriage. The former American Idol runner-up, 33, was a guest on the Mother's Day broadcast of CBS' more
The Daily Blabber from iVillage ( 5/14/2012 4:26:48 AM -08:00 )

The Celebrity Apprentice – Whose team are you on?
by Tara Shrodes The final two were announced by The Trumpster on The Celebrity Apprentice this week. Do you agree with his decision? I think I do. I'll tell you why in this post,and I'll call the winner. Within the first ten minutes ofThe Celebrity more
CliqueClack ( 5/14/2012 4:12:00 AM -08:00 )

Celebrity Apprentice: Who Was Fired & Who's In The Final Two?
Celebrity Apprentice: Who Was Fired & WhoBy Radar Staff Donald Trump let go of Aubrey O'Day Sunday night, leaving singer Clay Aiken and comic Arsenio Hall vying for the show's crown, and a $250000 prize for their respective charities (Clay is playing for National Inclusion Project, more
Radar Online ( 5/14/2012 3:08:12 AM -08:00 )

Aubrey O'Day Fired on Celebrity Apprentice; Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall Vie For Title
The outspoken ... whatever she is gave it her best all season long, but she was fired Sunday on Celebrity Apprentice, leaving Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall as the last men standing and vying for the top spot next week. Did Donald Trump make the right more
The Hollywood Gossip ( 5/14/2012 2:32:46 AM -08:00 )

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Finally Eliminated Aubrey O'Day In Episode 13 Tonight
Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Finally Eliminated Aubrey OCelebrity Apprentice 2012 finally eliminated Aubrey O'Day in episode 13 tonight. Earlier tonight,NBC aired the 13th episode for Celebrity Apprentice 2012,and they finally got rid of big mouth Aubrey in the first ten minutes of the show. more
Hollywood Hills ( 5/13/2012 10:47:32 PM -08:00 )

'Celebrity Apprentice' 2012 Saw Last Boardroom Meeting for the 'Quick Mouthpiece'
Week 13 of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 started out with Donald Trump finishing up one of the final boardroom meetings with the contestants. It was down to three -- Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken, and Aubrey O'Day. Aubrey was fired by Trump, but not without a more ( 5/13/2012 9:17:45 PM -08:00 )