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Friday, January 11, 2013

Universal's 'Jurassic Park 4' to Hit Theaters in June 2014

Universal Pictures has confirmed the date for the Steven Spielberg—produced movie. The latest instalment in the dinosaur series was first announced by the Oscar—winning director at Comic—Con in 2011, reported Deadline. It was later revealed to be hitting more
Hindu Business Line ( 1/11/2013 11:42:51 PM -08:00 )

Jurassic Park 4 Gets Release Date
Jurassic Park 4 Gets Release DateRemember how scary Jurassic Park was in theaters? Well, picture that, and imagine even more realistic dinosaurs coming at you in 3-D. True story. Universal Pictures announced today that Jurassic Park 4, to be shot in 3-D, will tear its way into theaters on more
E! Online ( 1/11/2013 9:08:05 PM -08:00 )

'Jurassic Park 4' to arrive June 13, 2014: Spielberg will produce 3D adventure
Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg are ready to re-open its famous park setting a June 13, 2014 release date for "Jurassic Park 4" with plans to shoot the film in 3D. As of right now Steven Spielberg is only on as a producer with Frank Marshall and plot more
Chicago Tribune ( 1/11/2013 6:46:49 PM -08:00 )

"Jurassic Park 4" to arrive June 2014, Steven Spielberg to produce
LOS ANGELES ( - "Jurassic Park 4" will arrive in theaters June 13, 2014, Universal announced on Friday. Steven Spielberg won't be directing this time around, but he is going to produce the project with Frank Marshall. Universal has yet to pick more
Chicago Tribune ( 1/11/2013 5:12:03 PM -08:00 )

Velociraptor and Spinosaurus in scene from the 2001 film 'Jurassic Park III
Velociraptor and Spinosaurus in scene from the 2001 film A FOURTH instalment of Jurassic Park has been confirmed, which will be in 3D and directed by Steven Spielberg. Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg have set a June 13, 2014 release date for Jurassic Park 4, reports. Script details are still more ( 1/11/2013 5:08:37 PM -08:00 )

'Jurassic Park 4' lands release date
Universal Pictures announced Friday that Jurassic Park 4 will roar into theaters on June 13, 2014. Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two films in the franchise, will produce with Frank Marshall, but no director is yet attached. The film will be shot in 3-D. more
Entertainment Weekly ( 1/11/2013 3:36:45 PM -08:00 )

Will JJ Abrams Direct The New 'Jurassic Park' Film?
Will JJ Abrams Direct The New News just broke of Universal's announcement that Jurassic Park IV will open in theaters in June of 2014. Steven Spielberg will produce, and now everyone is anxiously awaiting word on who might direct and star in the film. I'll start the speculation rolling by more
Forbes ( 1/11/2013 3:25:50 PM -08:00 )

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I got the fright of my life the other day, prompted by a friend sending me a link to a trailer for an upcoming 3D rerelease of Steven Spielberg's dino-thriller Jurassic Park. It took me a moment to grasp that the reissue later this year is to mark the 20th anniversary more
Irish Independent ( 1/11/2013 10:06:00 AM -08:00 )

Jurassic Park 4 3D to be Unleashed in 2014
Jurassic Park 4 3D to be Unleashed in 2014 For the past few months we have been hearing a lot regarding Jurassic Park 4, but sadly a lot of the talk has led us nowhere and we are still in the dark as to what is going on. While we don't have any plot details for more ( 1/11/2013 10:15:57 PM -08:00 )

Jurassic Park 4 confirmed for 2014-Could this be the DNA Universal Orlando
Jurassic Park 4 confirmed for 2014-Could this be the DNA Universal OrlandoIf there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it's that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, I'm simply saying that life, uh… finds a way. Apparently more
Behind The Thrills (blog) ( 1/11/2013 8:52:13 PM -08:00 )

News Roundup: 'Jurassic Park 4' Gets 2014 Release Date, New 'Community
News Roundup: Today, Universal announced that it plans to release Jurassic Park 4 next year. They don't even have a director yet, but they've got an official distribution date. They must be pretty confident in their script then (and they should be since it's by the same duo that more ( 1/11/2013 7:38:50 PM -08:00 )

'Jurassic Park IV' scheduled for summer 2014
Related topics. Jurassic Park 4 · Steven Spielberg · Movies · Entertainment · dinosaurs. Advertisement. Dinosaurs are heading back to the big screen! Entertainment Weekly reported on Friday, Jan. 11 that the latest film in the popular dinosaur franchise, more ( 1/11/2013 7:32:49 PM -08:00 )

'Jurassic Park' Set For Grand Re-Opening in Summer '14
There will be no robot uprising (at least for a while). But there will be rampaging dinosaurs ... very, very soon. Universal Pictures is looking to reawaken all those '90s-era nightmares of raptors and T-Rexes (and Jeff Goldblum speeches about Chaos Theory) more
NextMovie (blog) ( 1/11/2013 7:23:42 PM -08:00 )

'Jurassic Park 4' Release Date Announced
After years of rumor and speculation about a fourth film, fans of the Jurassic Park franchise understandably wondered if the dinosaur saga was truly extinct. However, Jurassic Park 4 finally got some legs when Steven Spielberg met with writer Mark more
Screen Rant ( 1/11/2013 7:22:29 PM -08:00 )

Jurassic Park 4 Coming June 2014 In 3-D With Spielberg Attached
Earlier, Jurassic Park social media sites lit up with the annoucement, "Just announced! JURASSIC PARK 4 is coming to theaters on June 13, 2014! What do you hope to see in this new sequel?" In addition, a number of entertainment news sites let it be known more
Cosmic Book News - Video Games ( 1/11/2013 7:14:35 PM -08:00 )

Jurassic Park To Open In 2014
It's been rumored but now it is official, Universal Pictures announced that Jurassic Park IV will be in theaters in 2014. Very little else is known about this project, but Stephen Spielberg will be producing it and there will be a 3D version. No director or stars have more
The Outhouse ( 1/11/2013 7:01:47 PM -08:00 )

Jurassic Park 4 to hit theaters on June 13, 2014
Fans have been waiting for the fourth installment of Jurassic Park for quite a while now, with many accepting that it might never happen. Back in October, we reported on the alleged concept artwork that had emerged from the scrapped script, which was about more
SlashGear ( 1/11/2013 6:55:27 PM -08:00 )

'Jurassic Park 4' Is Happening on June 13, 2014
For more than a decade now, Jurassic Park 4 has been one of those persistent sequels on which work never really seems to cease yet no movie actually coalesces around all that work. Apparently the work is paying off, though, as Universal Pictures is more
I Am ( 1/11/2013 6:49:53 PM -08:00 )

It's Official, 'Jurassic Park IV' to Be Released in 3D in 2014
ItIt's Official, 'Jurassic Park IV' to Be Released in 3D in 2014. Add Comment. January 12, 2013 02:07:05 GMT. The fourth installment of Steven Spielberg's dinosaur saga will arrive in cinemas Stateside on June 13 next year. Tweet. It's Official, 'Jurassic Park IV' more
AceShowbiz ( 1/11/2013 6:28:36 PM -08:00 )

Universal Schedules 'Jurassic Park 4′ To Hit Theaters June 2014
Universal Schedules We can finally put any and all Jurassic Park 4 speculation to rest as Universal Pictures has officially announced that the project has been greenlit and will be released on June 13, 2014. Of course with the 3D hype still going strong, the film will also be released more
Geeks of Doom ( 1/11/2013 6:18:47 PM -08:00 )